Sibling Preschool Music Subscription Box (monthly payments)

$25.00 on the 1st of each month for 6 months

First payment: October 1, 2021



Get the fun and educational value of a music class from the comfort of your own home! Each subscription box includes supplies for two children to make one instrument each (rhythm sticks, jingle bells, sand blocks, etc.). You’ll also get a video that covers some music theory concepts using the instruments and a Spotify playlist that includes folk, classical, and kids songs to play the instrument to. Have fun learning about music and bonding with your child!

If signing up before the 7th of the month, you’ll be charged at checkout and receive a box this month! Subsequent payments will be charged on the first day of each month.

If signing up after the 7th you won’t be charged at checkout. Your first payment will be charged on the 1st of the next month, and your box will be shipped out on the 14th of that month. Subsequent payments will also be charged on the first day of each month.

Each subscription box will be shipped on the 14th of the month (or the first business day following the 14th should the 14th fall on a non-business day).

Recommended for children aged 2-5.

If you’d rather pay for all 6 months in one transaction, click here.

Looking for a box for only one child? Check out this individual box here.

Why might this be important to your child’s education? Read here about some of the great things classical music can do for young children. This podcast episode is geared toward homeschoolers, but has valuable information about why folk songs are beneficial for our kids!


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