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My favorite books about minimalism (and other resources)

I love to learn about things that I’m passionate about, and of course, that includes simple living and minimalism. Podcasts and audiobooks are always my goto minimalist resources because I can listen while I’m doing dishes or driving. But I also love youtube channels to watch while I’m folding laundry and books to read in whatever quiet moments I can find. So I’ve made a list of some of my favorites books, podcasts, and youtube channels about minimalism.

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A word of warning

The only issue with continuing to learn is that the more you know the more you should do, right? It can feel overwhelming, and sometimes I feel like I’ll never get there. Other times I feel like I’m not nearly minimalist enough to call myself a minimalist. But neither of those things are true. So here are some things I always try to keep in mind when I’m listening, reading, or watching:

  • There are no rules for minimalism! Some people want you to think there are. If you fall into that, you run the risk of getting stuck in perfectionism. That is not the goal. Minimalism is about making your life easier and helping you focus on what’s most important.
  • Your priorities are likely different than theirs. Just because they got rid of all their craft supplies or their small kitchen appliances doesn’t mean you have to. If you walked into my kitchen, there’s no way you’d think it was the kitchen of a minimalist. But that’s because I love to cook and I use all my kitchen tools regularly. Sure, I could live without them, but if they serve a purpose in my life and I can store them comfortably, why would I get rid of them? Don’t ever feel pressured to get rid of things that you use and love.
  • You get to pick and choose what works for you. Some of the viewpoints in these resources may seem extreme. But this is not a take it or leave it kind of situation. You don’t have to accept all of what they say to benefit from their wisdom. Pick and choose the things that work for you and your family and forget the rest!
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Books about minimalism

Becoming Minimalist, The More of Less – Joshua Becker is another of the first voices of minimalism. He chose minimalism to prioritize time with his family over time taking care of stuff. Now he’s written two books about minimalism and is teaching about minimalism any way he can.

The Joy of Less – This is great if you’re looking for a step by step guide to getting rid of clutter. Francine Jay takes you through ten steps of decluttering, plus walk you through each room in your house. A great way to get started minimizing!

Zero Waste Home – Bea Johnson started the movement to practice zero waste at home. Her main goal was to decrease her environmental impact, but in the process, they moved to a smaller house and began living with less. It’s a great way to see where minimalism and zero waste living meet. Not specifically a book about minimalism, but it definitely includes principles that will help you on your minimalist journey.

Soulful Simplicity – Courtney Carver started pursuing a simpler life when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In this inspiring book, she shares the story of how a simpler life helped her overcome her disease and live a more fulfilling life.

Decluttering at the Speed of Life – In this book, Dana White gives us a realistic plan for decluttering in our day to day life. No weekends set aside for decluttering, just using what time you have each day. She’s also the writer behind the blog A Slob Comes Clean, so I know she gets it.

The Year of Less – Cait Flanders got out of $30,000 of consumer debt and then wanted to take her new way of living a step further. So she got rid of 70% of her belongings, made a list of necessary purchases, and spent a year buying only the things she needed.

Youtube channels about minimalism

The Minimal Mom – This is where I started with minimalism. She shows how minimalism is possible for a family, and that it doesn’t have to mean white walls and no furniture. 

Erica Lucas – Erica is at the beginning of her minimalist journey and is taking us along with her via her Youtube channel!

The Messy Minimalist – A very real look at how minimalism can help those of us that are not naturally tidy.

Podcasts about minimalism

The Minimalists – These guys were one of the first on the minimalism scene. And while they do provide a more extreme view of minimalism, they have some great tips for decluttering and living minimally.

The Slow Home Podcast – Brooke talks openly about hitting her breaking point and how she chose to slow down her life. This podcast goes beyond decluttering and applies principles of simple living to everyday life.

Simple – This podcast ended in 2019, but the episodes are still available on podcast apps and online, and it is a good one. Tsh Oxenreider focuses on “living well and ignoring the rest.” She has great ideas for living more simply and is relatable and fun to listen to.

Sustainable Minimalists – This podcast covers both minimalism and living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. There are great interviews with people who are pursuing one or both.

Maximized Minimalist Podcast – This one is all about minimalism in motherhood. What it is, how it works, and how to apply it to all aspects of your life.


What are your favorite resources for learning about minimalism and simple living?

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  1. The Joy of Less is a great read. I think most of us could be just as happy-if not more-with less STUFF in our lives. I know I regularly clean my house from things I’m not using or don’t need. – YourFinancialDigest

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