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Homemade yogurt in 10 simple steps with no special equipment!

Making homemade yogurt at home may sound intimidating, but it’s quite a simple process. I always thought you had to have a fancy yogurt maker to do it. But you don’t! With milk, a small amount of starter yogurt (that you can buy at the grocery store), a couple of tools, and a bit of time, you can have your own batch of delicious homemade yogurt. With less sugar and more live cultures than most store-bought yogurt, it’s better for you and less expensive!

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Cooking with Kids | Simple tips and recipes for cooking with preschoolers

I grew up cooking with my mom. I learned so much at her feet, and so I’ve made it a priority to cook with my kids. But it’s not easy, especially if you’re cooking with preschoolers or younger. I’ve learned a lot in the few short years I’ve been cooking with my kids, so I’ve compiled some tips, recipes, and resources that can help you get simple meals and treats on the table as a family.

Kids peeling vegetables
Image by Katja Fissel from Pixabay

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Simple Meal Plan Method | Save 25% on your grocery budget

Meal planning always seemed so complicated to me. It took too much time and required too much decision making. So I minimized the process and came up with my own minimalist meal plan system. For a long time, I felt guilty for not meticulously planning my family’s meals. I’d heard every reason that I should have a meal plan. It saves you money. You waste less food. You’re more likely to eat healthfully. You’re less likely to eat out. And on and on. I get it. It’s probably a good idea. Continue reading “Simple Meal Plan Method | Save 25% on your grocery budget”

red white and blue summer salad recipe
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Summer Salad Recipe | 4th of July Kale Salad

We weren’t huge fans of kale in a salad until this year. I learned the secret! Just.ingredients on Instagram did a story recently on how to make kale a bit softer and easier to chew. The secret? Massage your kale. Now I know that sounds like the weirdest thing in the world. My husband laughed out loud when I told him about it. But it makes for the best summer salad recipe that even my kids devoured.

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Easy make-ahead freezer meals | Make freezer meals in no time at all

Freezer meals are all the rage, but I had a hard time with them. Each time I put together a few freezer meals for my family, it took hours, made a mess, and cost more than I’d hoped. When we went to eat it, I always felt like it took more time to prepare than it should have, considering the hours I’d spent getting it ready for the freezer. And the recipes were ones that I’d found online in my search for easy make-ahead freezer meals, so they weren’t ones that my kids were used to. None of us liked the meal as much as we would have liked something I’d prepared then and there.

My requirements for easy make-ahead freezer meals

I knew that if I wanted to take advantage of the freezer meal concept, which appealed to me, I’d have to meet a few requirements.

  1. Be quick and easy to put together before freezing.
  2. Include inexpensive, familiar ingredients that I could use in other recipes.
  3. Be meals that are familiar to us.
  4. Require little day-of preparation and time.
  5. Include all components that need to be cooked (not including fresh ingredients for toppings, etc.)

Seem impossible? I thought so. But it’s not!

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Peanut butter balls (energy bites)
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Peanut Butter Balls (also known as energy bites)

I resisted trying an energy bites recipe for a long time.

I’m not one for jumping on bandwagons. I like to go against the flow. If I do join a bandwagon, I’m always approximately 1,428 years late to the party, but I am then wholly devoted to the cause.

And so it has been with energy bites. I didn’t want to try them. I didn’t want to like them. And I didn’t have any of the seeds or nut butters or weird powders that they all seemed to call for.

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