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Cooking with Kids | Simple tips and recipes for cooking with preschoolers

I grew up cooking with my mom. I learned so much at her feet, and so I’ve made it a priority to cook with my kids. But it’s not easy, especially if you’re cooking with preschoolers or younger. I’ve learned a lot in the few short years I’ve been cooking with my kids, so I’ve compiled some tips, recipes, and resources that can help you get simple meals and treats on the table as a family.

Kids peeling vegetables
Image by Katja Fissel from Pixabay

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Toy minimalism: How to simplify and organize toys for your family

Toy minimalism has made our lives simpler and more fun than I could ever have imagined.

About a year ago, I got totally fed up with the state of our playroom. We had so much random junk. So many things that didn’t have a real home in our toy organizing bins. I hated cleaning up the toys, so I usually just didn’t. They sat on the floor and piled up in front of the shelves that held the toys until you couldn’t get to the rest of the toys anymore. It probably goes without saying that we didn’t spend a lot of time there.

So when I found The Minimal Mom and learned how beneficial minimalism could be for my family, I knew I had to try toy minimalism. She talked about how much more creative her kids had become since getting rid of their toys. They love to create things with cardboard and tape, and they fight over their toys a lot less. That sounded glorious to me.

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Outdoor play is the best medicine for “the grumps”

Outdoor play solved so many problems for us. I can’t wait to tell you how!

Do you have a time of the day when your whole family chronically gets grumpy?

We did. It was always right when I was making dinner. Which, of course, was also right when Nate was coming home from work. Who wants to come home to two crying kids and a grumpy wife who’s ignoring all the messes to just get food on the table ASAP? I know I wouldn’t.

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